Happy Holidays from CC4V Inc.

Greetings from Compassionately Connected for Veterans Inc. 
     It’s Christmas Day! We made it! This - the busiest, craziest, most intense time of the year - is our time to fill voids by giving, showing up and engaging in meaning conversations. As a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are happy to say that we survived - and thrived.
     I am so proud of my partners, supporters, volunteers and board members for all the hard work which has been done. Now, take some time to celebrate you!
It is important to make sure you are taking time to rest. I am going to say that again for those of you in the back: take some time to rest.
     Take time to do something that relaxes you and fills you up. If that is relaxing on your couch cuddled in a blanket watching a good movie, go for it. If that’s spending time with family (this is where you will find me), do it. If that’s spending time alone, do it. If that’s taking a vacation and lying on a beach - take me with you!
I’m so grateful for all of you.
     This year has been challenging, unpredictable, and exciting. We’ve had so many new CC4V, Inc. supporters and we are grateful for every one. It has been amazing watching the faces of veterans light up when we as a community showed up and showed compassion! I have loved every minute of it.
I am so proud of all of you and your efforts.
With much love, 
 Michelle Mothershed, Founder & CEO
Compassionately Connected for Veterans Inc.

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